Winter means FISHING!

Winter fishing is just fine.

Veteran’s Day was this past Sunday. We salute the Veteran’s EveryDay! They are in our hearts and minds 24/7 365. Everyday is Veteran’s Day. Active Duty too!

Just because it is winter does not mean that you can’t head out to the lake, river, or pond for a few casts. May folks are busy hunting, cleaning the garage, or running the kids around to soccer, dance lessons, or just keeping up with everyday hurdles.

That is why you deserve to take a little weekend getaway and rest your mind, your psyche, you soul and hang out on the water.

Just take the kids, toss them in the car and head on out. Pack a lunch of salami, soup, and sodas for the kids…a cigar for you and that is all you need.

Don’t forget the warm clothing. A boat heater is not a bad idea either. Warm hats, windbreakers and plenty of insulation will get you through the day. I always subscribe to the “bring it all” theory.

So when the garage is cleaned and you want a quick and easy diversion from your normal hectic lives…go fishing.