Project Healing Waters Erie PA Missouri River Excursion

A terrific short story. A feel good one at that. Thanks to all the people in this story. All of them, truly great folks. We need more of this activity and behavior from folks. Give. It’s good.

John and Phil visited Headhunters here on the Missouri this last week. A true treat for us to get to know these two individuals.

Project Healing Waters Erie PA Missouri River Excursion Here is how this whole deal got started. Yeti Coolers, Simms, Headhunters Fly Shop, and Craig Trout Camp put together a month long Facebook Photo Contest last year. Submit your ‘Best Fish Picture’ for a chance to win A Yeti Cooler, a boatload of SImms gear including the world’s best American Made waders etc, a couple nights @ Craig Trout Camp and a guided trip from Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River. A ton of submissions were filed through and voted on…Kevin Hospodar of Hatches Magazine was the winner.

Project Healing Waters John with a nice Rainbow!

Thanks to Kevin Hospodar who set the wheels rolling on this trip and created something quite special. Really quite amazing. You see, Kevin already had waders, a cooler, and wanted to pay it forward, so to speak. So Kevin parlayed his winnings into dollars on Ebay having decided to use those dollars towards a donation to the Erie PA Chapter of PHW.

PHW Rules! Nice Brown Trout!

Project Healing Waters John with a beautiful lower canyon Brown!

Then Kevin contacted us at Headhunters to see if we could help in any way to make this a bigger trip, for the soldiers in Erie PA. We gladly fell quickly into step. Carroll & Margaret Jenkins discounted the lodging, Carroll a PHW Montana Board Member as well, and the grand plan started to take shape. Project Healing Waters Phil.

Another Brown Trout…

Kevin Hospodar and Skip Hughes of the Erie PA Chapter of Project Healing Waters masterminded the rest of the plan and this trip was born. They should’ve named Montana, ‘Awesome.’ A great quite from John during the week

Check out the Erie PA PHW Facebook page for more on this fantastic trip! Project Healing Waters


Cool dry fly fishing from the boys Erie PA

Thanks a ton to all who participated including our most gracious guests Phil and John. We had a ball and the entire community met and loves these fellas. They seemed to get around this tiny fishing ‘burb of 44 residents with ease meeting friends at every non-paved dirt corner. Project Healing Waters John likes Brown Trout Phil had not trout fished in quite some time. So, he was fresh while John is an avid trout angler. These two meshed perfectly. Throughout the 4 days fishing we had some really fantastic fishing. The Missouri River can produce. No kidding. John caught several fish on the dry fly and they both murdered them on the nymph. Then, after only 4 days of fly fishing…Phil cast, hooked, and landed his 1st fish on a dry fly with Headhunters Guide Peter Skidmore. A testament to Phil’s attention, fortitude, and learning ability. Just awesome. We’ll miss you guys. Come see us again fella’s. Rest easy knowing the Missouri River will always have your back. We do too. “This will put a smile on my face for a long time”… Phil’s quote of the week