Project Healing Waters Drift Boats!

As many of you know, Mending Waters Montana a couple drift-boats anytime by any veteran, active duty, or retired military individual.

The boats reside in Craig Montana at Headhunters Fly Shop. The shop has a calendar with the available dates and any veteran can sign up for the use of either the Hyde or the Adipose Drift Boat.

The Adipose drift boat has an adaptive wheel chair platform that is perfectly designed for ease of use. It spins 360 degrees for the right position while fighting the local trout

Somebody will assist in your easy education of the how-to’s of driving a drift boat and off you go.

Robbie landing a Rainbow on the Missouri

Many graduates from the Montana Healing Waters ventures and the local Helena Program at Ft. Harrison have enjoyed the use of these 2 boats for 3 years.

Do you want to participate, to use one of these boats this fall, or this winter? How about a nice spring or summer float with you and your kids?

Oh yeah!


The fly shop will do a shuttle for you for about $20 if you choose to trailer the boat yourself, put it in and take it out. Or for about $40 they will put the boat in and take it out as well.

Just give the fly shop a call @ 406/235-3447 to arrange a date. Explain that you would like to use a Project Healing Waters drift boat and they will reserve a boat for you.