PHW Message from our Chapter President

Open Letter to Mending Waters Montana Supporters:

Several years ago, on Veterans Day, I was purchasing gasoline at a local convenience store.   As I was leaving, the store clerk said to me “Happy Veterans Day”.  I acknowledged his statement and started to walk away.  I had taken three steps and said to myself “WOW”……..  no one has ever said that to me before.  I turned, shook his hand, introduced myself and thanked him for his service.   That same day my daughter called to wish me a happy Veterans Day.

Through a series of events I eventually became involved with Mending Waters Montana. In looking back I really feel as though those two events were the catalyst for my passion in working with veterans and supporting Mending Waters Montana.

Just last week we experienced something that many people in this world can’t even imagine doing.  We VOTED for the leaders of our country.  How and why did this happen?  Throughout our nation’s history we have faced many challenges.  Men and women have sacrificed their lives so we could live in a free country and vote.

Today we have Unites States marines, sailors and Army men and women located in all corners of the world.    Many are standing lonely watches at sea, or on some border.  They may be in a radio room somewhere encrypting messages or perhaps on patrol in a war zone.

As we approach Veterans Day please don’t forget our active duty personnel or our veterans of military service.  Don’t forget those who have served our nation protecting our right to live in a free country.

Thank them on Veterans Day and ANY day you have the opportunity.  It is important to them and it may be rewarding to you as well.

Bob Lay


Mending Waters Montana