Mending Waters Montana has excursions planned throughout the year.  They include:

Missouri River Trips

Our Missouri River trips occur several times from May to September each year. We host a woman’s veteran only trip in addition to our standard trips. All food, lodging, fishing equipment, guides and transportation are provided at no cost to the veteran participants.

Ruby River Trip

Our Ruby River trip is a two-night outing conducted in July each year on the Ruby River Habit Foundation property located just south of Sheridan, MT. This is a wade/walk outing within the Woodson Ranch property where the veteran participant is provided the opportunity to fly-fish along some spring creeks, holding ponds and selected sections of the Ruby River. All food, lodging, fishing equipment, guides and transportation are provided at no cost to the veteran participants.

Additional Outings

Mending Waters Montana places veterans on smaller outings and excursions as the opportunities arise.  Other trips include the Blackfoot River, Little Blackfoot River and selected private water.

Drift Boat Reservation

Mending Waters Montana offers four drift boats at no expense for use on the Missouri River by military veterans.  The boats are located at Wolf Creek Anglers in Wolf Creek, MT and at Trout Montana in Cascade, MT. The drift boats are for use only on the Missouri River between Holter Dam and Cascade.  Drift boats can be reserved on our website within the “Drift Boat Reservation” section.

Drift Boat 101 Clinic

Each April, Mending Waters Montana offers a free, one day Drift Boat 101 Clinic. This clinic provides basic instruction on loading/unloading the drift boat, trailer operation, safety operations, and basic rowing techniques. This clinic is conducted at the Craig boat launch site in Craig, MT.


Participant Requirements & Needs

ALCOHOL: The official policy of Mending Waters Montana is that no alcohol will be provided during a sponsored event.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Your accommodations, food, guiding and boating experiences are due to the generosity of those who support Mending Waters Montana’s mission. Enjoy your accommodations, but please be respectful of the property.

DISABILITIES: Mending Waters Montana is able to accommodate a variety of disabilities, including offering a wheel chair-accessible drift board. If you have an ambulatory disability, please contact your trip lead and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

VOLUNTEERS: Those who are greeting you, feeding you, and training you are gladly doing so out of their philanthropic desire. Take advantage of their commitment to the organization and know that your gratitude is of great importance.

PRIVACY: A participant’s involvement in Mending Waters Montana activities is completely private, other than instances where a participant grants publicity rights to Mending Waters Montana. On rare occasions media or political personalities may show up at our event. Under no circumstances are you required to participate or engage with the media.

FEEDBACK: Mending Waters Montana may request you to complete a survey of your event experiences. This will be anonymous and will greatly help us to organize future trips to the betterment of all participants. Your feedback and participation, which we view as valuable, is optional.

Other Resources

Information on fishing in Montana can be obtained at the following websites:

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Montana Office of Tourism