About Us

IMG9573761Service personnel returning from deployment often encounter difficulties in transitioning back to a non-combat life. To further understand these difficulties, one can view a variety of films or read articles that have been dedicated to this important topic.

Flyfishing allows a veteran to focus concentration on the task at hand; specifically landing a fish. And this activity is done outdoors, with minimal external stimulation, a welcomed calm and the beauty of a river or stream. Additionally, learning to build a fly rod or fly tying further provides focus for a veteran, and leads to a great sense of accomplishment.

Mending Waters Montana Fly Fishing, Inc., raises funds to support this effort — to help active duty military personnel and veterans learn the healing qualities of fly fishing.


IMG9574001Mending Waters Montana Fly Fishing, Inc., is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of active military personnel and veterans through flyfishing, fly tying education, and outings, and education on the conservation, restoration, and improvements to Montana’s fisheries and their habitats.